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Apron Strings

Posted on March 4, 2011 by The Southern Lady

I have so many memories tied to momma’s apron strings.
Did you ever wonder about the history of aprons?

Aprons have been cooks’ companions for hundreds of years. Indeed, aprons were used by men and women for a variety of tasks long before they were seen on 1950s television. During this era, women were portrayed as homemakers and good mothers and you rarely saw them without their aprons. Here is a great article on the history of aprons.
This made me think about all the memories surrounding those pieces of fabric worn by women to protect the dress underneath.
Momma always had on her apron. She would get dressed in the morning and put the apron on over her dress and wear it all day. I don’t ever remember seeing my mother in pants. She always wore what she called “house” dresses at home. Momma wore the pinafore type apron that went over her head and covered her entire front.
My mother-in-law wore the same type apron as my mother. My daughters and son grew up seeing both their grandmothers wear aprons except when there was company or they left the house to shop or go visiting.
We all have memories of Nannie (my mother) carrying eggs, wiping wet hands, and cooking big meals in her apron.
Grandmother, (my husband’s mother) carried all sorts of vegetables from the garden, baked cookies, and wiped away tears with her aprons.
Aprons made great hiding places for shy children, were used to carry in wood for the stove, to gather apples that fell from the tree, and often were waved to men in the field so they knew dinner was on the table.
I even found some old Simplicity Patterns on e-bay to make your own aprons.
You could wipe a perspiring brow, use them as a potholder, and wrap them around your arms to keep warm.
Some children today probably don’t even know what an apron is.
I think aprons are memory makers. I think they symbolize home, motherhood and family, good times and cookies and good food! Remember Leave it to Beaver and June Cleaver in her apron on the show.

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